XCI Records employs the world’s best audio engineers and producers to elevate your music to the next level.

We work with artist who only seek success, and success is what they'll find.



From Los Angeles to San Francisco, we look for artist from of all genre style and followings. Representing them professionally, building them and there music careers.


We have extensive experience recording, mixing and master music for artist from all over the world. Any genre any style we can do it 



If you need to be represented professionally for an opportunity or may want to use our resources we can help

XCI Records


Key elements to success in the music industry rely on time management, world-wide distribution, marketing and a great sounding product and design team.

Our label supplies every need of an artist from booking tours around the world or to your local pub. We are able to fulfill every aspect of a major label just in a more personal indie setting. 


The Recording Studio


Our Recording studio wanted to take things back to when music was pure and over all amazing to listen to. We kept that vision using analog recording consoles and outboard gear that gives us our amazing sound from the classic 1176 to the amazing 1073s, we have them all integrated with our logic pro x HD system.

Rates start at:

 75/hr for recording

75/Per Mix

100/Per Master


Two hour blocks minimum per instrument required for quality purposes. The recordings, mixes and masters are all reflections of our art, just like your art (the music) you never settle for less and neither will we when it comes to our quality.

Packages available

Budgets and financing also accepted




Our Work


We've done some amazing work with some amazing artist in 2015. Lets set the bar even higher here in 2016

Some past artist whose tracks couldn't be uploaded for copyright reasons are Selena Golmez, ZED, Katy Perry, The Rise Of Neptune and Bob Marley.

The list goes on and on from major signed artist to local natives and many others from around the world.


Success is our only goal 


XCI Records has started 2016 with a clean slate for the purpose of working with new talent. We're currently looking for new artist to sign and help build a stable music career. If your interested in setting up a meeting or having us consider you as an artist or band to sign email us!